Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Hot New YA Time Travel Mystery, DANGER IN TIME, Now In Nook and Kindle

DANGER IN TIME is an original young adult eBook time travel mystery, now in Kindle and Nook.

Rachel Crane was just six when her older sister, Brooke, died in a car accident ten years ago at the age of sixteen. Rachel often wishes Brooke were still alive and there for her. That fantasy has to take a back seat to the reality of being sent to stay with her grandmother for the summer, leaving Rachel’s boyfriend, Duncan, behind.

But just before she is to leave, Rachel runs up to the attic where she often goes for some down time. A mysterious antique musical clockwatch literally appears at her feet. She picks it up, feels slightly dizzy, and finds herself transported back in time to the day her sister died.

Before Rachel can prevent the tragedy from happening, she must convince Brooke and herself that she is not losing her mind or caught up in a dream. After saving saves Brooke from her fate, Rachel finds herself back in the future, where it appears as though the whole thing was merely a dream while suffering a mild concussion.

Then Rachel realizes that she truly did travel back in time and that, as a result, changed her sister’s destiny to something even more ominous. Brooke is now killed one week later by an unknown perpetrator. While trying to understand the mysterious clockwatch and its origin, Rachel uses it to go back again to try and save Brooke.

Through the power of the watch, both girls end up in the present with more changes as a consequence. Rachel’s father does not recognize Brooke as having ever existed. However, strangely enough, her Nana does recognize Brooke, but that is dismissed by others due to her age and the early stages of senility.

Rachel has an ally in her boyfriend, Duncan, a science student, who somehow believes her incredible story and wants to help in any way he can. But first they must discover the origins of the clockwatch and the Sisters of Time that it belongs to.

Meanwhile, Rachel, Brooke, and Duncan face danger as the person who tried to kill Brooke ten years ago has targeted her again in the present.

The girls must identify him before he succeeds, while adjusting to life together as unlikely sixteen-year-old sisters.

Fans of Caroline Cooney, Madeleine L'Engle's, Carolyn MacCullough, Gena Showalter, Imogene Rose, Meg Cabot, Ted Bell, Alexandra Monir will love DANGER IN TIME.

Now available in Amazon's Kindle and Barnes and Noble's Nook.

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