Monday, January 3, 2011

My Bestselling Legal Thriller, STATE'S EVIDENCE, is Now in Kindle and Nook

My bestselling legal thriller, STATE'S EVIDENCE, is now in Kindle and Nook. A must for fans of Grisham, Rosenberg, Fairstein, Scottoline, Bell, and other great legal novelists.

Assistant District Attorney Beverly Mendoza appears to have an open and shut case when she prosecutes Rafael Santiago for the murder of a judge and the sexual assault of his wife in Eagles Landing, a town in Northern California. Santiago was recently released from prison and had a grudge against the judge. But her case against the suspect is put in jeopardy when career criminal Manuel Gonzalez, arrested for the murder of a young woman, also confesses to killing the judge.

As Beverly and Wilameta County Sheriff’s Homicide Detective Stone Palmer try to sort out fact from fiction, a case of mistaken identity becomes a real possibility. Or is it more likely that two violent men with close ties are trying to beat the system?

Further complicating matters is Beverly’s romantic involvement with criminal lawyer turned judge, Grant Nunez, in an apparent conflict of interest. She also battles personal crises, including a father with Alzheimer’s disease.


R. Barri Flowers is an award-winning criminologist, bestselling crime writer, and the author of more than forty books, including the thrillers Dead in the Rose City, Justice Served, Persuasive Evidence, and State’s Evidence; as well as the bestselling true crime classic, The Sex Slave Murders. His criminology titles include Prostitution in the Digital Age, Street Kids, College Crime, and Male Crime and Deviance.

Visit to learn more about the author’s upcoming titles. Connect with R. Barri Flowers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, and CrimeSpace. The author resides in the Pacific Northwest and is busy at work on his next mystery novels: Murder in Maui and Dark Streets of Whitechapel.


“Flowers once again has written a page-turner legal thriller that begins with a bang and rapidly moves along to its final page. He has filled the novel with believable characters and situations.” — Midwest Book Review

“This legal thriller will have you on the edge of your seats. The courtroom scenes are unforgettable and very believable.... State’s Evidence is a must have for any fan of suspense books.” — Shades of Romance Magazine

“An electrifying and enthralling legal thriller that will appeal to readers of Nancy Taylor Rosenberg and Barbara Parker. The courtroom scenes are very realistic and the heroine is someone readers will empathize with and admire as a role model for minorities and women.” — Harriet Klausner

“A well-written thriller with an opening scene that would cause anyone to keep turning the pages.... It’s fast-paced, intriguing, satisfying, and I highly recommend it to you.” — Romance Reader At Heart

“A mixture of murder, mystery, madness and mayhem. The story was well-written and believable, and at times erotic. Flowers inflicted the characters with human flaws, among them the desire for love and revenge.” — RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

“Just when you think you have figured the plot out, R. Barri Flowers throws another curve.... It was well worth the time taken to read it.” — Roundtable Reviews

“Has a varied, multicultural cast of interesting characters, both good and evil.... Plot is clever and intriguing with unusual twists, with the suspense escalating rapidly.” — Romance Reviews Today

“An intriguing story of murder, madness and mayhem, with a slight blend of mystery. Flowers depicts believable characters in this suspenseful legal thriller.” — Romantic Times

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