Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Interview with Mystery Author April Star is proud to have bestselling mystery author April Star with us for an interview today. Thank you for joining us.

M.A.: Tell us a little about your featured mystery, THE LAST RESORT.

A.S.: The Last Resort is book two in my wanderlust mystery series and continues to take us on the RV trip of a lifetime, this time with "Newlyweds" Laura and David. Set in a historical town in Florida, where more than just waves crash up on the shores. A mysterious bottle pulls Laura and David into a twisted honeymoon adventure.

M.A.: Can you share with us (without giving anything away, of course!) a personal favorite moment or line in your book?

A.S.: I would have to say it was the trial of the murderer. I enjoyed the research, the way the character’s all seemed to come alive in the courtroom. Justice prevails and I discovered how much I enjoyed being a part of the world of forensics, truth and justice.

M.A.: Why mysteries? What makes them so compelling for you to write?

A.S.: I’ve always loved mysteries. Not just in the reading sense, but also in real life. To uncover the mysteries of why and what causes this or that; whether it be something of nature or humankind, I just love to try and unravel anything that just doesn’t quite make sense or that might be mysterious. I also enjoy the adventure, the endless “what ifs” that occur when plotting, and setting up all the twists and turns and red herrings.

M.A.: What about other work? Do you write in any genres other than mystery?

A.S.: Yes. I have written romance, non-fiction personal essays, poetry, and children’s books.

M.A.: What was your funniest writing-related moment?

A.S.: Probably when my mother and I walked in three hours late for a writer’s conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. A flat tire detained us, that and the fact that as we waited for a tow truck, my mother insisted on becoming a hub cap collector. By the time we arrived at the conference, we were greasy, sweaty, and the main speaker, children’s author Jane Yolen, was long gone!

M.A.: So, what's your current writing project? Is it a mystery, too?

A.S.: Of course! I’m actually working on two projects. I’m finishing up book three in the wanderlust mysteries, It’s Check Out Time, and I’m half way through Murder in Paradise, first title in my new Paradise by the Sea Mysteries.

M.A.: Other than, do you have any websites where readers can find out more about you and your work?

A.S.: Absolutely! They can, of course, visit me at, Mystery Writer’s of America, International Thriller Writer’s. I’m also at MySpace and Facebook.

Thanks again for agreeing to take a Minute for Mystery by joining us here today.