Saturday, October 4, 2008

Interview with Mystery Author Beverly J. Scott is proud to have bestselling mystery author BEVERLY J. SCOTT with us for an interview today. Thank you for joining us.

M.A.: Tell us a little about your featured mystery, JENA’S CHOICE.

BJS: Jena’s older brother, Jared, was murdered leaving her in charge of the family ranch. When the power hungry next-door neighbor demands Jena sell him the ranch or marry one of his sons. Jena must save the ranch, protect her younger brother and solve Jared’s murder without giving in to her neighbor’s ultimatum. In an attempt to thwart her neighbor, Jena advertises for a husband, hoping to turn marriage into a business deal. Can she shove grief aside long enough to solve her dilemma? Travel back in time to Texas in 1869 to discover Jena’s solution.

M.A.: Can you share with us (without giving anything away, of course!) a personal favorite moment or line in your book?

BJS: Moses loaded the rifle. He started to climb in the back of the wagon.

“There’s room up here Moses.” Jena indicated that she expected him to ride up front with her and Randy. Although her friendliness discomfited him, he obeyed, climbing into the seat beside Randy. The wagon created a back draft of dust and an unusual amount of attention as it rolled through the town. Most of the men in this community had fought against the north. Fathers and sons had died. Many still carried a deep hatred for Blacks.

Jena felt their astonished stares, their contempt. She lifted her head and ignored each and every one of them. She thought about acknowledging each of them with a wave or a nod but did not want to inflame more ire by flaunting her views. She already regretted her earlier actions at the restaurant but her stubborn will kept her from withdrawing the advertisement.

Moses balanced the rifle across his lap; he kept his head bowed to hide the gleam in his eye for the outrageous behavior and open courage of his new lady boss.

M.A.: That's awesome! So, why mysteries? What makes them so compelling for you to write?

BJS: All of life is a mystery and for me that makes it a natural part of any story.

M.A.: What about other work? Do you write in any genres other than mystery?

BJS: JENA’S CHOICE is a historical romantic mystery. RUTH FEVER is a romance with a touch of mystery and my first novel, RIGHTEOUS REVENGE is a mystery with a touch of romance. I just finished my fourth book and it is a contemporary tale of bigotry and difficult to put into a genre.

M.A.: What was your funniest writing-related moment?

BJS: I had just signed a contract for the publication of RUTH FEVER when I discovered that Nicholas Sparks new novel had the same plot line. The stories are different but the plot line is similar. The funniest scene I’ve written is the mock shot-gun wedding in RUTH FEVER.

M.A.: So, what's your current writing project? Is it a mystery, too?

BJS: The novel I just finished is contemporary but there is mystery built into the subplot. Eleven-year-old River Rose is living with a black man and her mixed race sister and brother.( Her mother has run off once again ) Because of her living arrangement she is heckled by the school bully. In the midst of this turmoil, River is adjusting to the idea of Ivan as her father. I am actively searching for an agent now. I am a good storyteller and representation will help me make that known. I have started book 5 and am pondering a sequel to Righteous Revenge.

M.A.: Other than, do you have any websites where readers can find out more about you and your work?


Thanks again for agreeing to take a Minute for Mystery by joining us here today.

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