Saturday, August 16, 2008

Interview with Mystery Author Lynda Hilburn is proud to have Lynda Hilburn with us for an interview today. Thank you for joining us.

M.A.: Tell us a little about your featured mystery, The Vampire Shrink.

L.H.: The Vampire Shrink is the first book in a series about Denver Psychologist Kismet Knight’s discovery of a hidden underworld of vampires and vampire wannabes. Her story definitely falls under the heading of, “be careful what you ask for, because you might get it.” Her desire to have more excitement in her life – to take more risks – even to have a little fame and fortune in her field, causes her to open a paranormal Pandora’s box which pulls her into a world of nocturnal creatures, mystical experiences, professional chaos and emotional madness. Finding herself attracted to a self-proclaimed, gorgeous, 800-year-old vampire and an irreverent FBI profiler definitely thrusts her out of her relationship comfort zone. On top of all that, someone – or something – is leaving a trail of blood-drained bodies. Yikes!

M.A.: Can you share with us (without giving anything away, of course!) a personal favorite moment or line in your book?

My favorite moment is when Devereux first comes to Kismet’s psychology office. Meeting him opens up a Pandora’s box of trouble and changes her life forever. Kismet struggles with the mystery of the vampires through most of the book. She simply refuses to face what’s right in front of her.

M.A.: Why mysteries? What makes them so compelling for you to write?

L.H.: I like to add a mystery element to everything I write. The Vampire Shrink is a paranormal with mystery elements. I read a lot of mysteries. It always fascinates me how authors can create such wonderful puzzles and keep readers from figuring out the answers until the end. I especially love unexpected endings! Ones that sneak up on me.

M.A.: What about other work? Do you write in any genres other than mystery?

L.H.: All my work falls under the heading of “paranormal.” I like writing about unusual and extraordinary beings. Maybe because of my work in my “real” life (psychotherapist), I enjoy creating characters who aren’t normal – who don’t have mundane problems. Vampires are a personal favorite. There’s just something exciting about those immortal nightwalkers.

So, what's your current writing project? Is it a mystery, too?

L.H.: I’m writing a vampire romance for an anthology called The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance. And I’m plugging away on book three in my Kismet Knight, Vampire Psychologist series. My psychologist heroine always gets pulled into whatever paranormal mystery is afoot. At some point I hope to write about a hypnotherapist who helps solve crimes.

M.A.: Other than, do you have any websites where readers can find out more about you and your work?

L.H.: Absolutely. Thanks for asking! My website is a good source of info: and I update my publishing experiences regularly on my blog:

Thanks again for agreeing to take a Minute for Mystery by joining us here today.

Thanks so much for interviewing me and for giving me a chance to share my work!


Lynda Hilburn said...

Lisa: Thank you so much for interviewing me on your blog! It's a pleasure and a privilege to be here.
Hugs, Lynda

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